Crawfish count per lb
Regular count is about 20 per lb (about 700 per sack)
 Select 12-15 count per lb (about 372 per sack)


Live per Crawfish Current prices vary and are not realistic!

$.50 Regular

$.90 Select

Not a good choice at all! It would cost $20 for 1pound!


Live per pound Current prices vary through the season

$4.96 Regular

$6.14 Select

$6.57 Select


Live per Sack prices vary less

$190.00 Regular

$214.00 Select

$229.00 Kong

*includes Shipping and Handling


The More The Better

Buying crawfish in quantity is always less due to shipping costs.  For example, if you buy 400lbs, it could cost less than $115.00 per sack.  Not guaranteed but highly likely.


 The Seasoning

Seasoning is a 4.5lb container and will do 35lbs of crawfish.  You do not have to add anything else but you can and I would recommend you do.

$9.50 per Container


Boiled per pound Current prices are based on quantity and extras

$10.50 Reg

$12.50 All In


Pot rental and extras

$50.00 Rental

Includes pot, basket, lid, burner, and propane.


Pot  and extras for purchase


 32-Quart Aluminum Boiling Pot with Punched Basket $60.00 

 60-Quart Aluminum Boiling Pot with Punched Basket $80.00

Single Jet Burner $60.00

Dual Jet Burner $80.00


Oyster Stuffed Mushrooms

For a special treat, mushrooms stuffed with artichoke and fresh mozzarella and finely chopped oysters.

Call for event pricing.


Two-Bite Boudin Balls

Boudin out of this world

$12.99 for 6


Its either cooked pork, shrimp or crawfish with seasonings and rice, then stuffed into the sausage casing.  It is liberally seasoned so it has a lot of flavor.  Available smoked

$3.00 per link

Call for quantity pricing.


Salads & Soup

Caesar Salad

Caesar dressing, croutons and fresh Romaine lettuce.

Call for event pricing.


House Salad

Iceberg lettuce with, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and Dressing.  For a little more flavor, add some fried stuff!

Call for event pricing.



Shrimp PoBoy

Fried Shrimp, same ensemble of lettuce, tomato, and Pickles on a hand selected cut French bread.

Call for event pricing.


Crawfish PoBoy

Our self proclaimed not-a-chef David produces a masterpiece from an old family tradition of fried crawfish, then makes a masterful ensemble of lettuce, tomato, and Pickles on a hand selected cut french bread.

Call for event pricing.


Oyster PoBoy

Fried oysters with lettuce, tomato, and Pickles on French bread.

Call for event pricing.


Softshell Crab PoBoy

Fried softshell crab, then makes a masterful ensemble of lettuce, tomato, and Pickles on a hand selected cut French bread.

Call for event pricing.



A New Orleans Original.  Created in New Orleans with over one pound of various cold cuts and two cheeses topped with the original Boscoli family Olive Salad on a round Italian bread loaf.

Call for event pricing.

$32.99 Whole 1 lb.

$22.99 Half 1/2 lb.

$10.99 quarter 1/4 lb.



Our traditional style of pork or Chicken and sausage Jambalaya. served with sliced bread.

$150 for 20 to 25

Sauce Piquant

A roux and tomato based dish packs a little heat. This favorite is a base for any meat you can think of.  Beef, pork, and chicken for the land animals but if it is seafood you are looking for, ask and you shall receive.  served over rice with and French bread. 

$80 to $130 Feeds 25 to 35 People

Dirty Rice

This traditional Cajun dish can be a side or a main course, it a favorite among many.  Made with beef and pork.

$75 feeds 20 to 25

Crawfish Etouffee

This Cajun dish is crawfish cooked in a butter based roux served over rice.  it’s another favorite among many.  Many can say it but cant read it, A-Too-Fay.

$36.00 Serves 4


From an old family recipe, you get a personal sized bowl with a hearty serving of shrimp, crab, crawfish, and oysters served over rice or if you are not a fan of seafood get the Chicken and sausage.

$250.00 for 5qt. should feed 30 to 40  

Drink & Desserts


Our sodas are.


Zapps Potato Chips

We will work on the desert section.