Catching the Cajun

Products You’re Guaranteed to Love

People are often awe-struck when they realize they can cook their own favorite Cajun dishes. Take a culinary adventure into Louisiana while never venturing too far from home.  I spend hundreds of hours explaining the truth behind the Cajun culture so I can help them unmask the “mystery” of cooking like a Cajun while incorporating their own personality.

How I Capture the Moment

Keeping the Taste buds Happy!

I’ve spent a great deal of time working on capturing the taste of Louisiana.  I have taken much pride in getting people to let go of the cookbook and season with no boundaries.  In the end they realize cooking within their own comfort zone is actually cooking out of the box and it is good.

Over the years I have created a few blends of spices most commonly used in Cajun dishes.

The four blended seasonings I have created cater to dishes like Etouffee, Gumbo, Jambalaya and a Blackening.  I wanted to take a different approach and offer a seasoning that captures a more authentic taste you would find in traditional Cajun homes but not be like typical Cajun seasonings found in stores.

A Study of Flavors

Solutions for Capturing Food At It’s Best

As I have attempted to get products just for myself, I’ve learned how difficult it can be getting items at a reasonable price. Today with all of the avenues of online ordering, it is possible to get products delivered to your front door but without knowing what you are truly getting, you may get the wrong impression of what “Cajun” is supposed to be.  Many have ventured to Louisiana and tasted food like never before.  Trying to duplicate that experience has been a difficult task until now.  Bringing Community Coffee, Boscoli, beignets, and many other products to the Reno-Sparks area will introduce you to things you didn’t know you were missing.  Having Louisiana products with the resource to true Cajun heritage and cooking will hopefully open the doors to a new culture here.  My goal is to allow people to enjoy Cajun without having to go to Louisiana.  Unlike big-box stores or restaurants, I will work with whoever I can in my new home of Reno to make them comfortable and willing to try to cook like a Cajun.

Every one loves a good cup of coffee.  Community Coffee is one of the must haves in the households of southern Louisiana.

Ground Coffee

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K Pods

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Boscoli Olives

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Boscoli Olive Oil

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Boscoli Olive Salads

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Boscoli Pickled Items

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