June 10, 2020.  Current pricing for crawfish is no more than $5.40lb ($175 per sack) and that does include shipping. They are small to med sized.  Louisiana is experience cold weather right now but the crawfish are healthy.

What does Sacks Crawfish bing to the table?  Cajun! Fun! Something Different!


Having choices is a great thing, and we’re happy to give you the opportunity to have the kind of dining experience you’re looking for.

Do you want something unique for a party or other occasion.  Talk to us today about our part and catering options.  Whether it’s Gumbo or a King Cake, we can work with you to come up with something that’s completely unique.


What can we do?

As you may already know we do crawfish, we also provide other popular dishes like Jambalaya, Po’boys, and Muffuletta’s to name a few.  Maybe you are wanting Gumbo,  you want to learn how to make E’touffee’, find out what a Sauce Piquant is or maybe even try some Boudin.  With Sacks Crawfish, we have that covered.


More about this!

Let Us Serve You

Big Savings for Customers

There are plenty of websites, blogs, and videos to show you how to cook crawfish and Louisiana style dishes.  What they don’t have is a link to a guy who will come to your house and guide you personally.  Until now!

Contact David Haggard AKA “The Cajun Guy”

email:  dhaggard@sackscrawfish.com

or Call/Text 775 225 6932

Unlike all of the online businesses shipping from other states, Sacks Crawfish will deliver crawfish, the owner will talk to you in person, can supply a pot, burner, propane, and guidance, if you need.  Equipment Rental/Purchase


Whether you’re looking for a cool themed party or to cater a big event, we can help you enjoy some wonderful food.  Call us, and we will come to you.

Mardi Gras Goodies

A serious problem for us will be keeping up when everyone finds out how good they are.  Plan a lunch or dinner, or schedule a private party, and let us know the occasion.